MacDonald's Farm

The Marty MacDonald's Farm theatre shows are a range of fun, interactive, song-filled adventures, set on the most colourful farmyard, home to a host of lovable puppet characters. They feature Justin Fletcher & Nicole Davis from CBeebies as the voices of Pongo the Pig & Molly-Moo the Cow, are particularly suitable for 2 – 7 year olds and last for 80 minutes (including a 15-minute interval), followed by our popular cast meet & greet after the performance! 

Since its launch in 2013, Marty MacDonald's Farm has gained a national reputation with a number of sell-out performances. Created by Martin Parsons (Playdays Live, Sooty’s Magic Castle) and Kate Ashmead (Tweenies, Thomas & Friends Live!), and directed by Tweenies creator Iain Lauchlan, the Marty MacDonald's Farm shows are: 

Marty MacDonald's Toy Machine

"Everyone at Marty MacDonald’s Farm is delighted with the special delivery that’s arrived – the Toy Machine that makes all of the toys in the world! But then they realise that Crafty the Crow has been up to mischief and it shouldn’t really be there at all…

Worse still, the machine has stopped working, so they need to fix it before the Toy Maker comes to get it back!

Join Marty, Sally the Scarecrow, Pongo the Pig, Molly-Moo the Cow and Sheena the Sheep in a fun, musical, interactive adventure to repair the Toy Machine, save the day and give the world back its toys!"

Songs include children's favourites:

Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes, The Wheels On The Bus, The Hokey Cokey, The Grand Old Duke Of York, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Old MacDonald Had A Farm, and many, many more!

Pongo's Party

"Today is the day that Pongo the Pig has been waiting for - that's right, it's his birthday! He's been dropping hints to his friends all year, so is looking forward to a fantastic party... but the trouble is, nobody seems to remember!

Molly-Moo the Cow is making a mess baking, Sheena the Sheep is rehearsing with her band, and Marty MacDonald is in the middle of decorating - whatever can they be up to?
And as if that wasn’t bad enough, it looks as though someone is taking Pongo’s birthday presents too – whoever can it be?

Come dressed in your best party clothes and help make Pongo's Party a day to remember, by joining in a show full of fun, songs and laughter – play a huge children's band and take part in the town’s biggest ever game of pass the parcel!"

Songs include children's favourites:

The Hokey Cokey, Wheels On The Bus, Pat-A-Cake, I Am The Music Man, Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and many, many more!

 We use Makaton™ signing with singing so everyone can join in!

Marty MacDonald's Farm

“Marty MacDonald needs your help! He’s looking after his uncle’s farm but Old MacDonald has left things in a mess – the animals have gone on holiday, the farmyard is topsy-turvy and the crafty crows are eating the crops in front of his eyes!

 Help Marty, Pongo the Pig, Molly-Moo the Cow and Sheena the Sheep as they work together to find a way to rescue the corn and save their farm…

Come and join in the adventure, make new friends and sing along to your favourite songs and nursery rhymes, in a live and interactive theatre show with bags of fun and laughter, down on Marty MacDonald’s Farm!”

Songs include children's favourites:

Old MacDonald Had A Farm, The Wheels On The Bus, Little Bo Peep, If You’re Happy And You Know It, The Grand Old Duke Of York, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and many, many more!


"Who needs children's TV when you've got the real deal at your local theatre!" 
Jeremy Brien, 'The Stage'
"Elliot loved Pongo's Party and was mesmerised – we particularly enjoyed booing the naughty crow and really enjoyed our afternoon at the theatre!"
'Entertaining Elliot' blog

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