Previous Productions

Honalee Media have been bringing a unique blend of history, discovery and entertainment to theatre audiences, with a number of live shows that have toured the country, including:

Doctor How’s Global Warning!

The place is Planet Earth, the time is now and Doctor How needs your help!

Having travelled in time to the year 2060 and witnessed first hand the effects of global warming, Doctor How and Jessie return to the present - a time when pollution and climate change can still be halted.

But they have not arrived alone, for stowed away in Doctor How’s time machine are the Dargons – aliens from the future now threatening the past.

Doctor How and Jessie travel through time to defeat the evil Dargons, visit a polluted Earth of the future, drop in on Queen Victoria in the 19th century and eventually return to the present - there the scene is set for the final showdown with the Dargons!

Will the world heed Doctor How’s Global Warning before it’s too late?

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