Previous Productions

Honalee Media have been bringing a unique blend of discovery and entertainment to theatre audiences, with a number of live shows that have been presented across the country, including:

An Afternoon With Peter Purves

"During an illustrious career that has spanned over sixty years, Peter Purves has become one the country's most well-loved and trusted presenters and actors, having appeared on our television screens in over 2500 programmes."

These include more than ten years of Blue Peter, over forty episodes of Doctor Who, and last year Peter celebrated forty years as TV presenter and commentator of the world's most famous dog show, Crufts.

Join Peter for an afternoon of wonderful memories and fascinating insights into the world of television, filming around the globe, and a life and career spent on both sides of the TV cameras.

There'll be fond memories galore and a chance to ask all your burning questions during the afternoon - not to mention talk of a certain Blue Peter elephant!"

Who's At The Playhouse

"Meet the stars and celebrate all things 'Doctor Who' at Epsom Playhouse, in this non-stop day of on stage interviews, autograph panels, celebrity photo sessions and much more!

Starring the Fifth and Sixth Doctors, actors Peter Davison (All Creatures Great And Small, Campion, The Last Detective) and Colin Baker (The Brothers, Blake's 7, I'm A Celebrity), plus Louise Jameson ('Leela', Bergerac, Tenko), John Leeson ('K9', Dad's Army, Rainbow), Michael Keating ('The Sun Makers', Blake's 7, EastEnders), Prentis Hancock ('The Ribos Operation', Space 1999, Survivors), Nigel Plaskitt ('The Ribos Operation', Pipkins, The Muppets), Rosalind Lloyd ('The Pirate Planet', Only Fools And Horses, Who Dares Wins), Paul Lavers ('The Androids Of Tara', The Onedin Line, Doctors), Eric Danot ('The Invasion Of Time', Tommy, Pippin), Visual Effects Designers Mat Irvine and Tony Harding, writer Bob Baker, producer Paul Tams, and many others!"

Doctor How’s Global Warning!

"The place is Planet Earth, the time is now and Doctor How needs your help!

Having travelled in time to the year 2060 and witnessed first hand the effects of global warming, Doctor How and Jessie return to the present - a time when pollution and climate change can still be halted.

But they have not arrived alone, for stowed away in Doctor How’s time machine are the Dargons – aliens from the future now threatening the past.

Doctor How and Jessie travel through time to defeat the evil Dargons, visit a polluted Earth of the future, drop in on Queen Victoria in the 19th century and eventually return to the present - there the scene is set for the final showdown with the Dargons!

Will the world heed Doctor How’s Global Warning before it’s too late?"


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